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20 January, 2021
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Oil and Gas Exploration in the Kavango - Canadian Company in Search of Oil and Gas

A threat to the watersources, livelihoods and wildlife in the Kavango?
Around Christmas 2020, the Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society and many Namibians were shocked and surprised to hear that an oil and gas exploration project is being considered in the Okavango Basin!

Exploratory drilling by Recon Africa has already started!

And an Environmental Assessment for seismic exploration is now underway.

On their website you will find pictures of the drilling, ReconAfrica Operations update, 10 Jan 2021.

NEWS has since registered as an Interested & Affected Party for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the seismic survey.

Please note that the EIA which is currently under way is only for the seismic survey.

There are many concerns about this project, not only about the seismic survey.

The biggest concern is about the threat to the precious ground water resources in the area. And Recon fails to eliminate worries about their long-term intentions.

Seismic Survey - Environmentally friendly?

The Namibian Chamber of Environment says: "While the advert states that seismic work is environmentally friendly and non-invasive, there are a number of aspects that need to be ascertained.

For example, are only existing roads and tracks to be used or are new cutlines going to be opened? What impact will the seismic work have on wildlife, particularly elephants?"


Consultation Meetings for the Seismic Survey

At first, ReconAfrica had only planned to hold consultation meetings for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the seismic survey in the Kavango region.

But this project is not only of local, but of national and international significance.

Due to pressure from NEWS, the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) and others, Recon Africa held public consultation meetings for the seismic survey in Windhoek on 02 February 2021. But the public had only limited access.

Recon Africa objected to live streaming of the event, but this was eventually done against their wish.

See the video of the live stream arranged by local newspapers here.

Fully virtual public debate on 18 March

NEWS and EAPAN (Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of Namibia) have now arranged a fully virtual public debate on this issue.

Recon Africa has declined our invitation to participate.

You can participate online via the Facebook page of the the Namibian Sun from anywhere in the world on 18 March:

NEWS is hosting this event to get the facts straight, and to help inform the Namibian public about the issue.

Strengthen our voice and become a NEWS member!


Watch the Kavango Oil panel discussion here:


Tourismus Namibia (English) - 19 March 2021

- Reporting directly from the Kavango Region (minute 18 and onwards)

"We hope you share our interest in what is happening in the north-east of Namibia, where the oil-exploration company Reconnaissance Energy Namibia (ReconAfrica) is still not rejecting the possibility of engaging in fracking operations. We drove to these areas and spoke to the people on the ground."

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