NEWS Programme Funding

NEWS small programme grants kick off innovative projects

Do you have a small innovative environmental project but cannot kick off because of lack of funding?

NEWS assists such projects to get started with small grants.

Environmental Projects Funded by NEWS

BlueNam Environmental Education Programme

By Sebastianus Amukoshi
Status: Current
Project Start November 2020

The lack of awareness of environmental issues is a pressing concern in Namibia. It stems largely from poor understanding of the definitions, causes and impacts of environmental problems. Many Namibians do not believe that their actions can make a huge impact, while others are not sure what to do to improve the environment. Therefore, there is a need for better environmental education.

The purpose of this programme is to raise awareness of water related challenges, to promote the wise usage of water and ensure the long-term sustainable use of water resources through the power of environmental education.

BlueNam to assist primary school students to improve their understanding of water conservation as well as provide knowledge about water resources.

Black-footed cat in Namibia

By Alexander Sliwa
Status: Closed

The Black-footed cat Research Project, started in 2012, is researching the distribution and conservation status of the black-footed cat (mierhoopstier; klein gekolde kat) in Namibia.

The black-footed cat is the smallest and rarest of the African felids and little is known about its biology, behaviour and ecology. Also, the species is not legally protected in Namibia; it is merely scheduled as a wild animal and enjoys little protection from prosecution and indirect mortality.

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