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Through NEWS you can stay informed about and have a voice in environmental matters concerning Namibia!

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NEWS creates and maintains a wide network of people and institutions who

Individual Membership

Environmental issues can be overwhelming. As we do not know where to start, we do nothing. And that's the worst choice. Start by becoming a NEWS member. We offer fun activities, interesting talks, debates and a wealth of information that help you to learn about and immerse into our environment and Namibia's unique natural world. Affordable membership options make it possible for everyone to be part of our NEWS network.


NAD250per year




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NAD560per year

Individual Membership Benefits


Updates on relevant environmental and wildlife issues

Talks & Events

Regular talks, outings, debates and more on current environment and wildlife topics


Variousdiscounts from adventure tour operators

ROAN Magazine

Full colour printed magazine covering a wide range of environmental issues

Corporate Membership

Sustainability is more important than ever. The COVID-19 crisis has shown that companies which value sustainability are more resilient than others. Consumers become more and more aware of the value of a healthy environment. Consumer choices in the future will be more and more influenced by a company's environmental footprint. NEWS offers a wide range of membership options for companies that would like to demonstrate the the environment matters to them.

Corporate Membership Benefits

Educational Membership

As part of our NEWS-4-the-future Youth Programme, NEWS provides additional incentives for schools and other educational institutions to join the Society. Being a member of NEWS will help equip institutions to educate learners on current and local issues and help them develop an interest in their environment. It will offer opportunities to bring teachers and learners closer to people working in the environmental sphere in Namibia and their projects, helping to provide a better understanding of issues and potentially create opportunities to become involved.


NAD250p. a.

  • Includes 5 Roan NEWS magazines

Educational Membership Benefits