Our Partner Organisations

Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society

The Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS)

- aims to create a Namibia-wide network of members and partners and
- constantly strives to create new and closer links to partner organisations.

NEWS acts as an independent link between these organisations: by sharing information and bringing about collaboration to keep Namibia's environment healthy and diverse and to achieve sustainable development.

Where possible, NEWS works in close collaboration with partner organisations and relevant stakeholders to address environmental issues and achieve sustainable development.

Potential NEWS partners are all organisations in Namibia which have conservation of the natural environment, environmental research and/or environmental education as their main aim

NEWS Partner Projects

Numerous environmental projects and working groups of varying size and duration are active in Namibia. It is not possible for NEWS to sign agreements with all projects currently active. But we aim to share information and collaborate where possible. We currently cooperate with the following projects:

Brown Hyena Research Project -

Namibia Crane Working Group -

Namibian Dolphin Project -

Raptors Namibia -

Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme -