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News aims to create a country-wide network of members and partners who share information and collaborate to conserve our environment and achieve truly sustainable development.Creating closer links to Partner Organisations is an on going process for NEWS. We aim to create links to all organisations in Namibia which have conservation of the natural environment, environmental research and/or environmental education as their main aim.

To date, we have signed agreements with the following Partner Organisations:


Numerous environmental projects and working groups of varying size and duration are active in Namibia. While it is not feasible for NEWS to sign MOUs with all projects currently active, we do aim to share information and collaborate where possible. We currently share information with the following projects:

Brown Hyena Research Project -

Giant Sable Conservation Project (Angola) -

Namibia Coast Conservation & Management (NACOMA) Project (MET) -

Namibia Coastal/Marine Bird Working Group -

Namibia Crane Working Group -

Raptors Namibia -

Strengthening the Protected Area Network (SPAN) Project (MET)

Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme -

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