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Clean air and water
Thriving wildlife
Healthy environment

.... benefitting all Namibians


NEWS is first and foremost a membership organisation - we as members are the NEWS. Emphasis is on creating and maintaining an extensive network of :
  • Individuals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Government Ministries
  • Development Agencies
  • Small and Large Companies
  • Members of the Media
  • Provide an accessible forum for environmental dialogue
  • who cares about the environment, share information and collaborate to contribute to conservation and sustainable development

Classification of membership:

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in our environment. We strive to keep the individual membership fees as low as possible to enable people from a wide range of economic backgrounds to be a member. Leaning on our Corporate Membership categories with antelope names, we have introduced additional individual membership categories named after antelopes that are rather rare in Namibia, to acknowledge rare individuals willing to provide additional support to NEWS and the environment.

Individual Membership

individualNEWS is first and foremost a membership organisation by the members for the members. We, as members, are the NEWS. Through our membership, we create a network of individuals, educational institutions, environmental NGOs, government ministries, small and large companies and members of the media who all care about the environment, share information and collaborate to contribute to conservation and sustainable development.
Categories per annum


N$ 100
N$ 250
N$ 375
N$ 750
N$ 1,100
N$ 1,500
N$ 460
N$ 560
*Copy of student card to be submitted with the application form

Membership Benefit


Individual membership

  • discounts with various adventure operators

    - see details below
  • monthly newsletter

  • free ROAN News publication
  • regular talks are held creating awareness on current environment and wildlife topics
  • Corporate membership

  • Roan News the quantities per categories are indicated below:
    • Steenbok Roan News: 2
    • Springbok: Roan News: 4
    • Oryx: Roan News: 6
    • Kudu Roan News: 8
    • Sable: Roan News: 10
    • Roan: Roan News: 14
    • Receive discount when advertising in the Roan News

    • General

    • NEWS material bags for the ' Say NO to plastic' campaign. N$30 for one bag, N$50 for two bags. Available at the NEWS office.
    • NEWS BIRTHDAY CALENDAR available the NEWS office or at the talks. Donation is welcome.
  • Educational Membership

    As part of our NEWS-4-the-future Youth Programme, NEWS provides additional incentives for schools and other educational institutions to join the Society. Being a member of NEWS will help equip institutions to educate learners on current and local issues and help them develop an interest in their environment. It will offer opportunities to bring teachers and learners closer to people working in the environmental sphere in Namibia and their projects, helping to provide a better understanding of issues and potentially create opportunities to become involved.
    Category per annum
    Educational Membership
    N$ 250

    Discounts with various adventure operators

  • Levo Tours - 25% discount on dolphin cruises in Walvis Bay and sightseeing trips to Sandwich Harbour
  • Eco Marine Kayaking - 15% discount on kayak cruises in Walvis Bay
  • Felix Unite - 15% discount on canoe trips on the Orange River and 10% discount on accommodation
  • Toktokkie Trails - 5% discount on desert hiking trails on the NamibRand Nature Reserve [SADC members further qualify for 50% discount, effec-tively bring discount for NEWS members to 55%]
  • Dusternbrook - up to 20% discount (depending on season, etc.) on accommodation and activities.
  • Impalila Island Lodge - 25% discount
  • Caprivi Houseboat Safaris 10% discount
  • Rostock Ritz 50% discount
  • Guestfarm Ghaub 20% discount
  • Huab Lodge 20% discount
  • Corporate Membership

    corporateThe valuable support of our Corporate Members enables NEWS to carry out its activities, while providing the business sector with an effective way of demonstrating to staff, clients, partners and the public in general that an organisation supports environmental conservation and sustainable development. Corporate Membership of NEWS is good for the environment and good for business.
    Categories per annum


    N$ 1,000
    N$ 2,500
    N$ 5,000
    N$ 7,500
    N$ 10,000
    N$ 15,000

    The NEWS office is situated in:

    76/78 Frans Indongo Street | Windhoek

    Reach NEWS by post:

    3508 I Windhoek I Namibia

    Reach NEWS by email:

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