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Clean air and water
Thriving wildlife
Healthy environment

.... benefitting all Namibians



  • CO- Chairperson: Frauke Kreitz and John Pallet
  • Recycle issues: John Pallet
  • Office Coordinator: Hilda-Marie Botha
  • Treasurer: Maria Pimenta
  • Editor - Roan News:
  • Media and Website issues: Frauke Kreitz
  • Newsletter: Frauke Kreitz
  • Members: Manuela Schmid; Jörg Melzheimer, Martina Kusters, Ruth Chun,Reinhold Mangundu,David Aiyambo
  • Northern Regional : Shelly Rothman
  • Talks/Events: Frauke Kreitz
  • Southern Regional Representative & EIA’S: Jessica Kemper
  • CO-op member: Ruben Portas
  • Environmental integration:

    To integrate environmental concerns into all relevant aspects of human activity.


    Environmental understanding must be integrated into our culture - into our understanding of ourselves. NEWS sees environmental integration as a tiered process with the following components:
  • Eliminate environmental apathy;
  • Foster environmental interest, enthusiasm & pride;
  • Create awareness of environmental issues;
  • Create a true understanding of environmental issues; and
  • Facilitate motivated, informed & objective action.

    To be an influential, membership-based environmental organisation with a country-wide network of members and partners in order to make an active and positive contribution to the conservation of our natural environment and sustainable development.


    To conserve the natural environment of Namibia and to promote appropriate protection, wise and sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development.    


  • NEWS is a national, membership-based, not-for-profit organisation, open to anyone with an interest in our environment
  • Formed in 1966 as the Namibian branch of the Wildlife Society of Southern Africa (now the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, WESSA)
  • Achieved autonomy in 1977 and became the Wildlife Society of Namibia (WLSN)
  • Name-change to Namibian Environment & Wildife Society (NEWS) in 2007
  • Implementation/consolidation of new admin structure with staff and offices during 2007/2008

    The Society is run by a volantary commitee in close co-operation with regional representatives elected annually from among its members.

    NEWS Environment Policy

    Social and economic disparities, rapid development and the increasing utilisation of natural resources, waste disposal and pollution, an increasing human population and the ever-changing needs of a dynamic society are creating continuous conservation challenges in Namibia.
    NEWS strives towards a balance between the need for development, economic growth and equality and the need to sustain a healthy environment.

    NEWS does not intend to be controversial or to slow down or hamper development, but rather seeks positive dialogue and constructive co-operation with all environmental stakeholders and disseminates environmental information in order to facilitate informed and positive decision-making at all levels - with the aim of achieving sustainable living and development.NEWS does not have the capacity to take direct action on all environmental issues in Namibia, but rather focuses on monitoring issues through the collection and distribution of information in order to facilitate positive action. Where possible, NEWS works in close collaboration with Partner Organisations and relevant stakeholders to address issues.

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    Sustainable Utilisation
    In line with Namibia's general conservation approach, NEWS supports the sustainable utilisation of natural resources, including the sustainable harvesting of animal and plant products. With regard to the sustainable harvesting of animal products, NEWS emphasises that any killing operation should be conducted as humanely as possible. Furthermore, we encourage an open mind in debating the issue of non consumptive vs. consumptive use of our natural resources, as well as long-term sustainable gains versus short-term gains from such use. NEWS can neither verify nor refute reports of unsustainable or sustainable activities without consulting specialists in the field in question.
    Priority Sectors
    NEWS focuses on the following priority sectors with its activities. Climate change is not treated as an individual sector, as it is seen as an overarching issue relevant to all other sectors. It is understood that real achievements in most of the priority sectors will contribute directly to either slowing down climate change or mitigating its effects.
    • Ecosystems Rehabilitation & Maintenance Sector
    • Fauna & Flora Conservation & Utilisation Sector
    • Energy & Water Efficiency Sector
    • Poverty Alleviation Sector
    • Pollution Reduction & Recycling Sector
    • Infrastructure & Industry Mitigation Sector


    The NEWS office is situated in:

    76/78 Frans Indongo Street | Windhoek

    Reach NEWS by post:

    3508 I Windhoek I Namibia

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